Synergies Project


Synergies Project

What is the Synergies project?

The Synergies project funded by the Erasmus + program addresses the issue of validation of competences in the European context. 

The project partners are UNIT (Austria), LAG (Germany), Alfa (Italy) and BAOBAB (Spain). The initial project meeting took place in December 2015 in Potsdam (Germany).

Starting point of Synergies project

Students at risk of exclusion for reasons related to their education face a significant gap in terms of quantity and quality of its powers relating to fundamental aspects of their personal and working life, and the lack of a professional qualification that would great value both in education and in the labor market. 

For these people it is essential to value learning outcomes achieved in informal and non-formal and qualifications obtained outside the EU territory. 

With the increasing number of immigrants from other parts of the world face this problem in Europe is very important and urgent. 

Therefore, strategies that give access to the validation of skills would translate into an increase employability and social inclusion, so it must be developed and implemented.

As for the validation of qualifications and skills, there is still no coherent approach among member states of the EU, but rather a mixture of different-and sometimes contradictory policies, structures and practices. 

Adult education and its relationship with other agents involved in the validation of skills must be enhanced to establish and provide pathways to formal education and integration into the labor market. 

This poses a special challenge for providers of adult education small dimension in the identification and implementation of best practices in the field of validation, including the relationship with other industry players

The main objective of Synergies project is to improve the access of educationally disadvantaged students to adequate validation of learning obtained through informal means -non-formal and / or abroad-, and economically is meaningful in terms of improving their professional qualifications and their chances of social and labor integration.


What can get from these project providers of adult education, counseling, and other stakeholders?

  • A report on the current situation and examples of good practice in the validation of skills educationally disadvantaged students, including relationships with relevant stakeholders from the public, private sector and the third sector.
  • Recommendations with a special focus on the needs of validation of competences of adults disadvantaged by design methods and tools for adult educators working with these groups.
  • Training materials to promote competition and control tools for validation for public entities, adult training providers in the private sector and the third sector.

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Initial meeting in Potsdam

10-11 December 2015, we met in Potsdam to initiate, plan and discuss our approach. The first step was the creation of a common framework for developing our products. The report of our research phase will be published in November 2016.

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Project details

Project duration: 2015 – 2018

Program: Erasmus +

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