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Projecte Prepei

What is the PREPEI project?

The Prepei project consists of activities of Education, Information and training addressed to Children, Educators – Teachers, Parents and professionals of the private and public sector, (responsible for schools and children).

 In cooperation with our partners we will produce the necessary tools combining entertainment and education, pleasure and education to address early school leaving as well as social exclusion. 


Approximately 160,000 teens skip school every day because of bullying, in europe. Physical bullying increases in elementary school, peaks in middle school and declines in high school. Daily, calls relative to the bullying phenomenon to the National Helpline for Children SOS 1056 increase. Parents, teachers and students ask for advices on managing these phenomenon, feeling very often trapped. Recognize and respond early and effectively to behaviors that can lead to bullying through information, awareness and training are first and essential steps that must be done to cope with this pan-european problem. We aim to prepare children to recognize and respond effectively to early bullying behavior avoiding to affect their emotional status. Create an environment where everyone understands that bullying behaviors are unacceptable, harmful, and preventable. Empower beneficiaries to intervene to prevent and stop bullying. It includes: Hits, threats, intimidation, teasing, nicknames, mockery, spread rumors excluding victims from different social and school activities, sexual harassment or damage to the personal belongings of the victim.

Project Stages

The development of the project will consist of different phases.

1. Video

Production of a video presenting a bullying story containing antibullying reaction from the victim, using the traditional shadow theater heroes of Karagkiozis, Veligkekas, and Kollitiria. Its purpose is to aware, inform and educate on bullying and antibullying activities combining modern with traditional, putting in evidence values and attitudes, an international effort.

Duration: The video will last 45 minutes based on true stories collected through partnership experiences on bullying and school drop out. The script will be adapted providing children, youth, and parents the possibility of communicating on the basis of a very urgent problem through simplicity and naivety, main characteristics of traditional theaters.

Use: the Video will initiate antibullying activities at school, targeting children and teens, teachers and parents.They will receive short training.

2. Teacher’s training

Training teachers of primary and secondary schools, at school, for information / education.

Objective: educate, aware and sensibilize teachers.

Duration: each educational / awareness activity will last 2 hours targeting teachers, and schools responsibles. Development of training methodology, on terms of children’s rights, social values, influences from the familial background of children victims and aggressors, techniques and tools.

Condition: collaboration with partners specialists which will be educated from specialized staff on the traini curri. Production of a training methodology.

3. Manual on bullying and antibullying activities

Objective: to gather facts, knowledge and instructions for teachers concerning bullying and antibullying activities. It will be provided to all trained teachers describing and deeply analyzing the activities to be undertaken for anti bullying activities and awareness.

Use: from teachers after the end of their training to educate children, teens, parents.

4. E-tools

Production of an e-game using shadow heroes, containing different levels of difficulty as learning tool for values of self respect, and respect for others, personal integrity, violence, children rights, Family, friends and society as key influences on a young person.

Objective: artificial intelligence tools can be used to extract information from content, and to understand the user on the other side, e.g. they can understand an individual’s learning goals. This allows for personalized learning.

5. Training of trainers

Is based on manual and training methodology.

The target group is members of all partner organizations, or specialists cooperating with them (5 per partner organization).

Background: their background should be from psychological, educational, social sectors. Final content will be elaborated by psychologists, social workers.

Objective: create a scientific approach and background for grassroot organizations relative to staff skills improvement on bullying-drop out.

6. Webinar to train professionals

From the public sector, schools repsonsibles, social workers on a range of topics related to improving skills and knowledge on bullying and antibullying activities, (e.g., preventing disruptive behaviors such as bullying, harassment, and violence ). Session detailed how bullying differs from other forms of aggression. Will be also used for the training of joint staff.


The objective of the project is to carry out education, information and training activities aimed at children, educators and parents, both in the public and private systems.

Each phase seeks to achieve an objective, among which we can highlight:

  1. Educate, raise awareness and sensitize teachers.
  2. To enable and achieve personalized learning through technology.
  3. To create a scientific approach for organizations fighting against bullying and school dropout.


More information

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