Lead - In Project


Lead In Project

What is the Lead-In project?

The aims and objectives of Lead-In project are based on 2 priorities defined for Grundtvig multilateral projects:

  • 4.2.4 Quality assurance of adult learning including the professional development of staff; and
  • 4.2.2 The role of adult education in strengthening social inclusion and gender equality, specifically developing methods for encouraging participation of men in areas where they are underrepresented.

Duration: november 2011 – october 2013

Who is the target audience of the project?

Target groups to be addressed during and after the entry project:

Direct beneficiary groups:

  1. Formal and informal leaders of non-formal adult education: managers, course organizers, training coordinators, project managers and coordinators, marketing managers, leaders of NGOs offering learning opportunities.

  2. Adult education institutions and NGOs offering adult learning opportunities.

  3. Stakeholders, trainers of adult education leaders; adult teacher trainers; professionals in education management.

Indirect target groups: all adult learners, men as participants in adult learning.


  1. To improve management of adult education by improving the skills and competences of adult education leaders (with special focus on increasing participation, involvement of men, inclusion);
  2. To develop, test and disseminate an innovative and non-formal approaches of staff development: a mentoring programme for adult education leaders (mentoring based on blended learning approach, based on meetings and virtual communication via social networks);
  3. To share the approaches and strategies for increasing participation and to learn from the best practices in partner countries;
  4. To formulate and propose strategies for encouraging participation of men in adult learning.


  • Research report for partner countries covering aspects such as competencies of adult educators, national and regional aspects of participation and gender balance, etc.
  • European training session for tutors.
  • Mentoring sessions for adult educators in 5 EU countries.
  • European network of mentors for adult educators.
  • Methodological material “Mentoring Programme for Adult Education Leaders: Skills, Strategies, Experiences” in EN, LV, LT, ES, SE, BG languages in print and e-book format, including best practice proposals and strategies for more participation, male involvement, inclusion.
  • Groups of educators trained in 5 EU countries.


More information

To learn more about the Lead-In project, please contact us through our web form or write to us at: baobab@associacio-baobab.org