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What is the Building Bridges project?

The proposed project “Building Bridges” seeks to promote the social and professional integration of migrants who have decided to change residence due to different reasons and motivations. The motivation of the project derives from the significant social integrating role that the education of migrants entails. 

The project is based on an exchange of knowledge, experiences, ideas and the analysis of best practice cases of the respective organizations participating in the learning partnership. This exchange will be realized by meetings of the project partners, encounters of teachers and in some cases as well learners, the constant communication between the partners and the creation of project related products and publications for distribution of results.

The partner organizations will provide each other with the respective country specific regulations on migration as well as all required information and material with respect to the migration process. 

One of the products will be a webpage which represents a significant medium of communication and cooperation between the participants. Thanks to this exchange and the creation of distribution products an effective and innovative transfer system is formed which can be used, operated and maintained continuously by the participants. 

In order to approach the tasks emerging during the qualification process the partner organizations split up into sending respectively out coming organizations and host respectively incoming organizations. Within each of the two groups closer collaborations will arise. Further the experiences of the learners respectively migrants will be involved in the process of quality development realized by the training organizations. 

Further all data will be analyzed as well as recommendations of action are expressed. The webpage offers plenty of room for the distribution of all emerging results and products, such as essays, articles, handbooks and newsletters which as well shall be provided to other institutions and organizations.


The goal is to build bridges for migrants into the European labour markets, for migrants towards a second chance, for migrants to their family members, for staff and teachers towards improved training and education measures, for a valuable and effective exchange of information and experiences between educational organizations and institutions, for a valuable cooperation. 

What the project seeks to improve in the long run is an appropriate and valuable preparation supplied by educational institutions in order for migrants to adjust to new challenges due to cultural, legal and social differences.

To pursue this goal the participating institutions for adult education seek to qualify pre- and post-processing services regarding migration processes as well as the competencies of teachers working with migrants in order to ensure a successful migration process.


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