S2C Project

Childhood and youth

S2C Project

What is the S2C project?

The majority of young Europeans lose opportunities and do not have access to a good education and vocational guidance.

The Lisbon strategy aims to achieve a capacity of growth sustainable with more and better occupations and with greater social cohesion. Based on this objective arises the need for more efficient methods for career orientation, focusing on the work force, the youth of the future.

Duration: december 2011 – november 2013


The objective of the project is to develop a system of professional orientation that can already be used either autonomously or as complementary schools tool. The focus of the project allows students to get more tools and resources through the material online.

The S2CPT is based on a tool developed previously: CPT. The S2CPT aims to allow the use of the CPT more broadly, providing advisers and teachers the ability to professionally guide young people.


  • Management and Communication Plan
  • Project Activity Plan
  • List of Steering Committee and Technical group
  • Progress reports (Interim and Final)
  • ADAM project records
  • Meeting minutes
  • Project website
  • Partners’ discussion forum


More information

To learn more about the S2C project, you can contact us through our web form or write to us at: baobab@associacio-baobab.org