Projects for disability people

People with disabilities are a pillar of the projects and studies carried out by the Baobab Association together with other entities and/or associations.

Through these, the aim is to improve the quality of life of disability people, promote social integration, and the creation of tools that help their accessibility.

Each project is aimed at specific groups of types of disability or as a whole, therefore each of them has different objectives and results.

Some of the projects have been studies, although material has been generated in each one of them, such as methodological guides, creation of virtual centres, etc.  This material has been produced together with some associations, NGOs, as well as in the framework of the Socrates and Erasmus programmes. 

On this page you will find the international and national projects in which we have participated, as well as a brief description of each of them.

To find out more, do not hesitate to contact us by email at baobab@associacio-baobab.org or by calling us.

International projects

  • Partner in the project “Web Access”. Project aimed to develop a methodological guide for web content creators to facilitate Internet access to people with visual, auditory and/or motor disability. Socrates – Erasmus.

National projects

  • Development of the study “technical and economic feasibility for creating a virtual portal to the creation of a Virtual Resource Centre for Mental Health Professionals.”
  • Development of the study “Financing for the creation of a Virtual Resource Centre for Mental Health Professional.”
  • Development of the study “Impact of integration within the labor process of rehabilitation and integration of the mentally ill.”
  • “Project Access”. Integration project work for people with special needs – people with mental disorders -. Call for NGO’s to develop integration projects for working groups at risk of social exclusion. Consortium for the District of Mina. Collaboration with Youth Association Organized and Active, JEWEL.
  • “Radio Nikosia”. Radio program made ​​by people with mental health problems. Call for Social Work “Caja Madrid”. Collaboration with Youth Association Organized and Active, JEWEL.