Career Tree (CaT)


Project carried out in the framework of the program “Erasmus +” Ka2: Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices, action – Strategic Partnership.
Implementation period: 01.09.2014 – 31.08.2017

NEWS: Transnational meeting of the Career Tree project in Slovenia (16th – 17th November 2016)

Aim of the project:

The main objective of the project is to improve the quality of the process aimed to define capacities, aptitudes and professional interests of secondary/vocational schools students and adults, and conducting career guidance and career planning through creation of a modern (standardized on a representative group) modular system for analysis, diagnosis and education guidance of career that would support the work of career counselors..

Description of planned activities and the role of partners:

Project activities will be divided into 5 stages:

Step 1 – Creation of a model of predispositions and leading competences for professions
Step 2 – Development of modular system for diagnosis, analysis and education guidance for career
Step 3 – Preparation of an on-line version of the tool
Step 4 – Pilot testing
Step 5 – Psychometric validation and tool standardization

Target Groups:

The project will support a total of approximately 1,000 students and 100 secondary school counselors product testing in the implementation phase.

The project is also aimed at:

-guidance counselors
-university staff and schools who are involved in career counseling

Planned results / products of the project:

The project will be developed following products:

1. Model of predispositions and leading competencies for professions
2. Modular system for diagnosis, analysis and education guidance of career.
3. Handbook for diagnostic tool
4. Personal portfolio for participant career
5. Methodical guidebook for career counsellor

Results of the project:

Raise awareness of young people regarding their potential – their skills, strengths and weaknesses, areas where they should be developed, acquire skills of career planning, taking into account their skills and received a diagnosis through the use of diagnostic tools.

Improve the efficiency and quality of education and vocational counseling, through the use of modern, innovative tools, increasing popularity use in schools and universities modern tools in the process of education and vocational counseling, which are more attractive and efficient than traditional ones.

Raise awareness of schools, universities, institutions and companies offering educational and vocational counseling in the use of modern technology in the counseling process.

Learn how to use modern technology in the process of counseling by psychologists and guidance counselors.

Increasing competitiveness in the labor market for young people, through proper diagnosis of their potential, allowing them to choose the path of further education and development, in accordance with established their potential.

Partners in the project:
University of Economics and Innovation (Poland) – Project Leader
Bahcesehir UNIVERSITY (Turkey)
KADIS d.o.o. LJUBLJANA (Slovenia)
Polish Psychologists’ Association (UK)

Website of the Project (draft versión):

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