• Coordinator of project EWE, aimed to improve the quality of VET of adult women, mainly women in the age 50+


  • Partner of project Directing Life Change, aimed at men and women older than 40 years with broken careers, or who believe finished.


  • Partner of project “LEAD-IN”. Project aimed to develop training materials for leaders in terms of management of adult education programmes, with the aim of fostering the developement of techniques which allow them to increase the participation of new users in their field of activity. Lifelong Learning Programme – Grundtvig Multilateral Project.


  • Technical collaboration in the project “Open and Virtual Learning of Adult Returners Key Skills” –ARKS–. Sócrates –Minerva.


  • Study: “Developement of the study “Methodological guide for professionals who deal with labour integration of women at risk of social exclusion”.


  • “Orientation for labour integration of women at risk.” Obra Social de “la Caixa”. Collaboration with Centre Cultural de Formació i Ocupació Professional de Sant Martí.